Installing and Setting Up Lutron Caseta Devices in House Check

The following steps work for Lutron Caseta Smart Bridge as well as Lutron Caseta Smart Bridge Pro.

1. Connect the Lutron Smart Bridge Pro's network port  to the Devicebook Hub's LAN Port with an ethernet cable.

2. Install the Lutron App for iOS or Android. Make sure you also have the Devicebook App.

3. In the Devicebook App, navigate to the Home Controller for the home you intend to link with Lutron.

4. Navigate to House Check, and tap the arrow on the Hub's tile.

5. Make a note of the SSID and password for the Hub's Wi-Fi Network.

6. Tap the button to disable the Hub's firewall. 

7. Connect your iOS or Android device to the Hub's Wi-Fi network by using the network credentials on this page in the Devicebook App.

8. Switch to the Lutron App.

9. Use the Lutron App to set up the Lutron Smart Bridge Pro and all other Lutron devices.

11. Once you've set up all Lutron devices using the Lutron App, switch back to the Devicebook App. You won't need the Lutron App anymore.

12. Turn on the Devicebook Hub's firewall.

13. Navigate back to the House Check root page, and tap the Set Up button on the Lutron Caseta Smart Bridge Pro's tile.

14. Follow the steps to link the smart home with the Lutron Caseta Smart Bridge Pro. Remember the press the button on the Smart Bridge Pro during this step.

15. Once the Smart Bridge Pro is linked, you can link each of the Lutron Caseta Devices to Devicebook. For each such device, find its tile in House Check, and tap "Set Up". Follow the instructions on the page to link each device.



1. My Lutron Caseta Devices appear connected in Devicebook, but the device is not responding.

Make sure the device is powered on. The Lutron Smart Bridge does not report to Devicebook when a device loses power.

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