How do I give control of my Devicebook Smart Home to someone else when I sell my home?

Devicebook is working on a simple and secure way to transfer your entire Smart Home to another user, in a future update.

In the meantime, you can give control of your Devicebook Smart Home to the new owner of your home by following these steps:

1. In the Devicebook App, navigate to More.

2. Tap on Account.

3. Tap on "Change Password".

4. A verification code will be sent to your email address (and phone, by SMS, if a number is set up).

5. Enter the verification code(s).

6. Specify a new password which will be shared with the new owner of your home.

7. Confirm the new password by typing it again.

8. Press SAVE.

The Devicebook account password has been changed.

Note: If you've specified a phone number for the account, repeat steps (1-8) , except tap on "Change Phone Number" instead for step 3, and enter the new owner's phone number.

Next, change the email address to the client's.

9. Tap "Change Email" on the Account page.

10. Type in the email address of the new owner of your smart home.

11. Press the Next button.

12. A verification code will be sent both to the old account email address and the new owner's email address. Enter both of those codes in the appropriate boxes. You will need to communicate with the new owner to get their verification code.

13. Press Next.

The Devicebook account is now associated with the new email address.

14. Share the new password you entered in step 6 with the new owner of the smart home

The new owner can now sign in to Devicebook using their email address and password, change their name, change the password, and control the smart home.

15. Sign out of the Devicebook App on all of your devices.

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