Setting Up and Installing a Nexx Smart Garage Controller (NGX-300)

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First, follow the device manufacturer's instructions to install the device and set it up with the Nexx Home app. Then, link it to Devicebook.

1. Device Installation & Nexx Account Setup

Install the Nexx Smart Garage Controller and Sensor following the instructions provided by the manufacturer, packaged with the device. 

  • You should create a new Nexx account for this task, which should be owned by the homeowner.
  • When the Nexx Home app asks you to select a Wi-Fi network for the Garage Controller to connect to, you should choose the home's Wi-Fi network, not the Devicebook Hub's.

The manufacturer's instructions will walk you through connecting the device to a Nexx Cloud Account, and pairing the sensor.

Once the device is installed and working with the Nexx Home app, you can proceed to the next step.

2. Link to Devicebook

1. In Devicebook, navigate to House Check in the Home Controller. 

2. Tap the button to set up the Nexx Cloud Bridge. 

3. Follow the instructions to link Devicebook with Nexx.

4. In House Check, navigate to the location of the Garage Controller device in the home, and tap its Set Up button.

5. Follow the instructions to link the particular Nexx Smart Garage Controller with Devicebook. 

6. If there are additional Nexx Smart Garage Controllers in the home, repeat Step 5 for each one.


Q. The Nexx Smart Garage Controller is not appearing as a candidate in House Check

A. First, make sure the device appears in the Nexx Home app, and that you are able to control the device from the Nexx Home app. If it does not, delete the device from the Nexx Home app, and follow the manufacturer's instructions to factory reset the device. Then, follow the manufacturer's instructions to set up the device again. When you are able to control the device from the Nexx Home app again, follow the instructions above to link Nexx with Devicebook again.

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