How do I swap a device with a different model in a Home Controller that has already been generated?

You can swap a device in a Home Controller that has already been generated by modifying the design to make the change, and then re-generating the Home Controller.

1. From the Job detail page, proceed to the final step of the Job.

2. Press the Edit button on the design.

3. Find the device you want to swap for a different model, and click on the (...) icon next to it.

4. Select the option to Change Device:


5. Choose the new device model, and click Next

6. Press the back arrow in the top left corner of the page.

7. Re-regenerate the Home Controller.


Note that you can only re-generate the Home Controller when you have control of it. If you've already given control of the smart home to your client, you will need to request access to modify the home.

Special considerations for changing designs involving Z-Wave devices

If a Z-Wave device has been linked to the Home Controller already, but you are going to swap it with a different device, you should use House Check to unpair and remove the device before you re-generate the Home Controller. If you do not, the smart home may experience Z-Wave network communication problems.

Will I need to set up all the of the devices again in House Check after re-generating the Home Controller?

No, all other devices that are already linked to the Home Controller will be unaffected.



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