What does "Connects to Home Router" mean?

In House Check, some devices may have the label "Connects to Home Router." Examples of such devices are the Google Nest and the Nexx Smart Garage Opener.

This label means the device is a Wi-Fi device that must connect to the home's Wi-Fi Router directly, rather than to the Devicebook Hub's Wi-Fi network.

Usually, this is because the device requires communication with a third party cloud service to function.

Setting Up Devices that Connect to the Home Router

1. Start House Check for the device as you normally would. The device's setup instructions will guide you to set up the device.

2. Follow the device setup instructions, which will likely ask you to switch to the device manufacturer's third-party app to finish setup of the device. 

ImportantWhen setting up the device using the device manufacturer's app, you must make sure to connect the device to the Home's existing Wi-Fi router, instead of the Devicebook Hub's Wi-Fi. If the device is connected to the Hub's Wi-Fi network, it will not function properly because it requires internet access.

3. Once you've completed device setup on the device manufacturer's third-party app, return to the Devicebook App to complete the Devicebook Setup and link the device to the Devicebook Smart Home.

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