Sample Job, Sample Design, and Sample Home Controller

Your Devicebook for Contractors accounts comes with a sample Job, available in the My Jobs page. It contains a full sample smart home design.

You also have access to a sample, functional home controller, generated from the sample design, available in your Devicebook App for iOS or Android.

About the Sample Design

Find the sample Job and design:

1. Navigate to My Jobs in Devicebook for Contractors

2. Select the Job that has been automatically created for "Example Client"

3. Check out the Sample Design by clicking its "Edit" button.

This design is pre-populated with rooms, solutions, and example devices, meant to show you what a complete smart home design may look like for a medium size home. A real smart home design that you create would use real device models, instead of the example devices.

Learn about Devicebook Smart Home Designs here: What is a Smart Home Design?


About the Sample Home Controller

Find the sample Home Controller:

1. In the Devicebook App for iOS or Android, find the job for "Example Client" in the Jobs tab.

2. Devicebook may take a few minutes to set up the sample Home Controller.

3. You'll see a Home Controller exactly as a homeowner would see it. 

Take your time to explore the home controller. You can control example devices, set up routines, and more. Note that the sample design will reset itself some time after you stop using it.

Learn more about the home controller here, from the homeowner's getting started page: Getting Started with the Home Controller

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