What are Showroom and My Showroom?


Showroom is a catalog of all the smart home solutions and devices that Devicebook supports. Your company can choose to offer any of these smart home solutions and devices to clients. 

Tip: Each Smart Home Solution is a package of related smart home features, such as Lighting, Security, or Surveillance.


My Showroom is a catalog of the smart home solutions and devices that your company has to offer to clients.

How do I choose the smart home solutions my company will offer to clients?

1. In Showroom, find a smart home solution you would like to offer to clients.

2. Select the "Add to My Showroom" button.

3. Follow the prompt to choose required devices.

4. Follow the instructions to choose to support at least one device of each required type. These are the devices that you intend to install in your clients' smart homes. You will be able to change these selections later.


What does it mean to add a smart home solution or device to My Showroom?

The smart home solutions and devices you add to My Showroom will be available for you to use in smart home designs for you clients. Your clients will see the smart home solutions that your company supports on your company's profile page.

How can I choose more devices for my company to offer to customers?

If you've already added a smart home solution to your company's My Showroom

1. Navigate to www.devicebook.com/contractor/showroom.

2. Click on the Devices tab.

3. Choose any device. You can use the search bar to help you narrow your search.

4. Follow the prompts to add the device to My Showroom.

5. The device will be available for your to use in smart home designs for your clients.

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