Devicebook Smart Home Overview



Devicebook is a smart home system that is easy to install and easy to use. Each Devicebook Smart Home consists of a physical Devicebook Hub, a Home Controller app, and the various smart devices installed to make the smart home work.


Devicebook App & Home Controller

The Devicebook App is the Homeowner's easy-to-use interface to control and monitor their smart home. It's available on iOS and Android. Get the app here.

Learn more about using the Devicebook App here.

Devicebook Hub

The Devicebook Hub is the heart of a Devicebook Smart Home. It's the centerpiece that communicates with all of the Smart Home Devices and makes sure they are functioning properly. 

Learn more about the Devicebook Hub here.

Smart Home Devices

The various smart home devices installed throughout the home are like the limbs of the smart home. They work together to detect motion, control lights automatically, lock and unlock doors, sense when there might be an intruder, open or close shades, and much more.

Smart home devices in a Devicebook Smart home may come from a variety of device brands, and may communicate with the Devicebook Hub via a variety of protocols: Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Z-Wave, Insteon, and hard-wired. 

Wall Pad

A Wall Pad is a dedicated always-on control center for a Devicebook Smart Home. 

Learn more about Wall Pads here.


A Devicebook Smart Home can be easily controlled by voice using Alexa. Simply link the smart home with your Amazon account in the Home Controller.

Learn more about setting up and using Alexa to control a smart home here.


A Devicebook Smart Home can be controlled with remote control or mounted keypad devices. The Keypad must be included in the smart home design. You can assign keypad buttons to trigger your smart home's routines.


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