How do I reset the Devicebook Hub?

You should always reset the Devicebook Hub using the Home Controller that it has been associated with.

When you reset a Devicebook Hub using the Home Controller, it has the following effects:

- The Hub will no longer be associated with the Devicebook account or with the smart home.

- Devices in the smart home connected to the Hub will become disconnected from the smart home. Any The smart home will no longer function until a Hub is linked to the Smart Home again, and devices are set up again.

- The Hub will clear all of its Z-wave, Insteon, and LAN network information.


Devicebook Hub Reset Instructions:

Note: These instructions apply only if the Devicebook Hub is currently linked to a Home Controller.

1. In the Home Controller that the Hub is linked to, navigate to House Check.

2. Tap the RESET button on the Hub's tile to reset it.



Note: You should never use the reset button on the Devicebook Hub to try and factory reset it. Doing so may result in the Hub no longer functioning properly.

If you have accidentally used the reset button on the Devicebook Hub while it was paired to a Home Controller, you should use House Check in the associated Home Controller to reset the Hub, then set up the Hub again.

If you continue to have issues with the Devicebook Hub, reach out to Devicebook:

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