Choosing Switches, Dimmers, Outlets, and Plugs for a Devicebook Smart Home

Wireless in-wall switches, dimmers and outlets require both neutral and live wires to operate because they need electricity to connect to their wireless network even when the load is powered off. If reusing existing electrical wiring, check that neutral wires are available.

Three-way smart switches are installed a little differently than traditional three-way switches. 

Note: In a 3-way circuit, use ONE smart switch and keep the other one a regular switch. Similarly for 4-way or N-way circuits. This is because the circuit can be turned on or off by controlling any of the cascaded switches.

LED, Incandescent, and Inductive Load: Use the “Hardware Specification” section of Showroom to check the type of load supported by these kinds of devices. Some devices have lower amperage and should only be used with LED lights. Some cannot be used to control appliances with motors, such as portable AC units.

Heavy Duty Switches: 240V 40A devices are available in Showroom. Hardware specification in Showroom lists their “Maximum Current” and “Maximum Load”.

Indoor vs Outdoor devices: Check the “Environmental Rating” of the devices listed in Showroom.

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