Setting Up Amcrest Video Doorbell


Amcrest Video Doorbell is a device that will be set up to communicate via the Devicebook Hub's secure Wi-Fi LAN. However, Devicebook cannot automatically configure the device to communicate with your Hub's Wi-Fi LAN. Instead, you should follow the instructions below to use the Manufacturer's app to set up the device.

Installing the Amcrest Video Doorbell

1. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to install and wire the device.

2. Be sure to install the accompanying chime kit following the manufacturer's instructions. We'll walk you through setting it up below.

3. Make sure the transformer powering the Amcrest Video Doorbell and chime is 16V 30VAC.

4. Ensure the chime kit is installed before powering on the circuit.


Disable The Devicebook Hub's Firewall

The Devicebook Hub has a firewall that prevents Wi-Fi or Ethernet devices from communicating with the internet, for security purposes. You will need to turn off the firewall during the setup of the Amcrest Video Doorbell.

1. In the Devicebook App, disable the Hub's firewall. (House Check > Hub > Firewall Status > Turn Off.

1. In the Devicebook App, navigate to House Check.

2. Tap on the > arrow on the Hub's tile.

3. Find "Firewall Status" and tap "Turn Off".


Gather Wi-Fi credentials

1. In the Devicebook App, in the hub's detail page, note down the Wi-Fi SSID and Password listed. 


Set up the device using the Amcrest Smart Home App

Connect the Device to the Hub's Wi-Fi network

1. Get the Amcrest Smart Home App for iOS or Android

2. Create an account or sign in to the Amcrest Smart Home App.

3. Follow the instructions to set up a device in the Amcrest Smart Home App.

4. When the Amcrest Smart Home App asks you to set a device password, note down the password somewhere. You will need it soon.

5. Follow the instructions to connect the device to the Devicebook Hub's Wi-Fi LAN. Use the Hub's Wi-FI SSID and password you noted down above.

6. Once the device has successfully connected to the Devicebook Hub's Wi-Fi network, press NEXT in the Amcrest Smart Home App.

Make sure the device has the latest firmware from Amcrest

(continuing from 6 above...)

7. At the bottom of the page, press "Start Live View" in the Amcrest App

8. Tap the Gear icon in the Amcrest App

9. Tap "Firmware Update." 

10. If the firmware version is not up to date, follow the instructions in the app to update the firmware on the Amcrest Doorbell.

Set up the Amcrest Chime Kit


11. Make sure you've installed the Amcrest Chime Kit according to the manufacturer's instructions that came packaged.

12. In the Amcrest App, in the Gear icon menu for this device, tap "Amcrest Chimes".

13. "Tap Amcrest AD1 Chime"

14. Select "Mechanical Chime" and then save.


Link the Device to Devicebook using the Devicebook App

15. Switch back to the Devicebook App.

13. In the Devicebook App, navigate to House Check, and find the Amcrest Video Doorbell.

14. Tap "Set Up" for the Amcrest Video Doorbell.

15. Devicebook will ask you to enter a password. Enter the password you chose for this device in the Amcrest App in step 4, and press NEXT.

16. Follow the remaining instructions in the Devicebook App to complete device setup.


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