Installing & Setting Up Z-Wave Repeaters


Z-Wave repeaters are devices that act as nodes in the Z-Wave network. All AC/Mains-powered Z-Wave devices are repeaters. They repeat messages from the Hub to devices, and vice-versa, extending the range of the Z-Wave network. The path that a message takes between the Hub and a device is pre-determined when devices are included into a Z-wave network. The path is only updated when something causes the network to recalculate the routes, such as when a node in the network goes offline, perhaps because it was unplugged.

This means that Z-wave repeaters and other devices should be set up in order of proximity to the Hub. 

When to add repeaters to a Z-Wave network

Z-Wave repeaters should be added between the Devicebook Hub and the location where you intend to install one or more Z-Wave devices if the Z-Wave signal strength at that location is low. You can read about how to determine Z-Wave signal strength here: Network Planning for Z-Wave Devices.

You should always add Z-Wave repeaters to a network before any devices that you intend to communicate with the repeater. If those devices are already included in the network, use the Devicebook Hub's detail page in House Check to exclude those devices from the network before including the repeaters. Then, set up those devices again so that they will communicate with the Hub via the repeaters.

How to add repeaters to a Z-Wave Network

Note that all AC/main-powered Z-Wave devices act as repeaters.

1. Add the repeater to the Smart Home Design, if you haven't already. Once you add the repeater to the design, re-generate the Home Controller.

2. Install the repeater in the desired location in the home. It should be free of obstacles and should be in a location where it has good signal strength from the Devicebook Hub or another repeater.

3. Use House Check in the Home Controller to set up the device they way you would any other device.

How to install wireless Z-Wave devices to communicate with the Hub via a repeater

1. Bring the wireless device (such as a motion sensor or open/close sensor) within two feet of a Z-Wave repeater.

2. Use House Check to set up the device.

3. Install the device in its desired location

This process ensures that the device will communicate with the repeater as its 'first hop' on the network, instead of trying to communicate directly with the Devicebook Hub.

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