Installing, Setting Up & Linking TP-Link Switches, Dimmers and Plugs in House Check

Wi-Fi TP-Link Switches, Dimmers and Plugs are set up as described in Setting Up & Linking Wi-Fi Devices in House Check.

When you use house check to set up one or more TP-Link devices, behind the scenes, the Devicebook Hub searches for all of the valid TP-Link devices that match the model of the device you are trying to set up. For each such device, the Hub will automatically configure the device to connect to the Hub's secure Wi-Fi LAN.

Note that when you try to set up a TP-Link Plug Mini, all unconfigured TP-Link Plug Lite devices will also be configured to connect to the Hub's Wi-FI LAN, and vice-versa.

There are no candidate devices appearing in House Check, how do I fix this?

If you have waited for a few minutes and none of the devices you are expected appear as candidates in House Check, try the following:

1. Make sure that the device model in the smart home design matches the model of the actual device. If the device models do not match, the device may be found, but will not appear as a candidate in House Check. 

In House Check, tap (...) next to the name of the device, and select "Device Information" to see the device's name. You can look up that name in Showroom to find the supported models.

Note that the TP-Link Plug Lite and TP-Link Plug Mini look nearly identical visually, but are different device models. The design needs to specify the correct model.

2. Make sure the devices are powered on, and in a factory-initialized state.

Tap the "Troubleshoot" button in the set up flow for the device, and follow the instructions to reset the device to factory defaults, then try to set up the device again.

3. Power-cycle the device (Plug only).

Unplug the TP-Link plug, then plug it back in.

4. Power-cycle the Devicebook Hub.

Unplug the Devicebook Hub from its power source, then plug it back in. It may take up to five minutes for the Hub to come back online.

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