Installing, Setting Up, & Linking Power-over-ethernet Devices

This article is an overview of information for Power-over-ethernet (PoE +) devices, which may be useful when setting up devices using House Check.

PoE Device Basics

PoE devices connect to the Devicebook Hub via Ethernet, and also receive their power via the ethernet cable.

PoE Device Installation and Setup

Wire PoE devices to a PoE + enabled ethernet switch. The switch should have an uplink to the Devicebook Hub's LAN port. All devices on the Hub's LAN network are on the Devicebook Hub's Secure LAN network. For security reasons, devices on this LAN do not have access to the internet.

In House Check, Devicebook can automatically discover ethernet devices connected to its LAN network.

When you tap the "Set Up" button in House Check for any ethernet device, Devicebook will automatically start searching for matching devices on the Devicebook Hub's LAN network, and present them as candidate devices.

Common PoE device Setup Issues

I am trying to set up a PoE Device, but it is not appearing as a candidate.

1. Reset the device to factory defaults, and then try to set it up again. 

2. Verify that the model of the device is the same one used in the design. If the model does not match, it will not appear as a candidate.

3. Verify that the device is properly connected to the Devicebook Hub's secure LAN. If needed, you can connect a mobile device to the Hub's secure LAN Wi-Fi network. You can find the network credentials in House Check, in the Hub's detail page. Note: any device connected to the Hub's Wi-Fi LAN will not have internet access.




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