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Feature Summary

The Devicebook Elder Care solution helps elderly loved ones stay healthy and active in their home. It also allows caretakers or relatives to keep in touch with and monitor a resident. If there's a potential emergency, Devicebook Elder Care will notify Responders.

Core Features:

Medication Reminders

  • Schedule medication reminders in the Devicebook App.
  • Medication reminders are announced via a Wall Pad.
  • If a medication reminder is not dismissed by the resident, indicating that they have taken the medication, homeowner and any Responders are notified.


Optional Features

Medication Cabinet Monitoring

  • Specify a medicine cabinet in the home, and monitor it with an Open/Close Sensor.
  • When it is opened or closed, any active medication reminder is dismissed.
  • Devices Used:
    • Open/Close Sensor

Activity Monitoring

  • Uses motion sensors to monitor that home resident is up and active during specified times of the day.
  • When unexpected inactivity is detected, alerts homeowner and any Responders.
  • Devices Used:
    • Motion Sensors



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