Garage Doors - Features

Feature Summary

The Devicebook Garage Doors solution automates and controls all garage doors in a residence. 

Core Features:

The Garage Doors solution uses either Garage Door Controllers or Open/Close sensors. See the Set Options for more information.

Remote Control, Monitoring, and Alerts

  • Open and close garage doors from the Devicebook App.
  • See which garage doors are open or closed in the home from the Devicebook App.
  • Alerts when a garage door is open for too long.

Routines and Automation

  • Automate garage doors on a schedule, or when you arrive at home or head out.

Voice Control

  • Control garage doors with Alexa


Set Options

Garage Door Monitoring Set

  • A minimal version of the Garage Doors Solution, presented as a set.
  • This set is a cheaper alternative to the full garage door solution. It uses a simple open/close sensor to detect if a garage door is open or closed, instead of a garage door controller.
  • With this set, you get all of the monitoring and alert features of the Garage Doors solution, but cannot remotely control garage doors, or automate them to open or close.

Garage Door Control Set

  • Full version of the garage doors solution.
  • This is the preferred set for both monitoring and remote control of a garage door.


Optional Features

This smart home solution has no optional features, beyond the choices presented between the two sets. All features are standard.



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