Surveillance - Features

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Feature Summary

Devicebook Surveillance allows remote live video stream viewing of a home via the Devicebook App, and automatic video recording.

Core Features:

The surveillance solution makes use of Cameras and Motion Sensors.

Live View

  • See a live video stream of each camera installed in the home in the Devicebook App.
  • Two-way audio communication via the Devicebook App and microphone/speaker enabled cameras.

Automatic Recording

  • Choose to automatically record video while motion is detected in a location.
  • Records on all cameras automatically when SOS is turned on.
  • View past recordings in the Devicebook App.

Privacy Mode

  • When Privacy mode is enabled on a camera, it cannot be streamed from, and it will never automatically record video.


Optional Features

Emergency Solution Integration

This feature is enabled only if the home also has one of the following solutions

  • Security - Record on all cameras automatically when an intruder is detected.
  • Air Safety - Record on all cameras automatically when an emergency is detected.
  • Elder Care -Record on all cameras automatically when an emergency is detected.



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