Video Doorbell + - Features

Feature Summary

Devicebook Video Doorbell + is a rich solution for monitoring the front door of a home.

Core Features:

The Video Doorbell + solution makes use of either a single Video Doorbell device, or a combination of devices (Motion Sensor, Camera, & Doorbell Sensor).

Visitor Notifications

  • Notification when a visitor is detected at the front door.

Doorbell Press Notifications

  • Notification when the doorbell is rung.

Live View

  • See a live video stream of the front door in the Devicebook App.
  • Two-way audio communication with visitors at the door via the Devicebook App.


Optional Features

Lighting Solution Integration

  • This feature is enabled if the home also has the Devicebook Lighting Solution
  • Select lights around the home that should blink when the doorbell is rung, as a visual notification.



Learn about Using Devicebook Video Doorbell +.

Learn about Designing & Installing Devicebook Video Doorbell +.

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