Water Safety - Features

Feature Summary

Devicebook Water Safety monitors the home for leaks and other sources of water damage, and helps the homeowner prevent it.

Core Features:

Remote Monitoring and Alerts

  • When Devicebook detects potential water damage in the home, get notified via the Devicebook App. If not dismissed as a false alarm, Responders will be notified.


Optional Features

Water Leak Detection

  • Detects when there's a water leak in a certain location.
  • Devices Used:
    • Water Leak Sensors

Rain Protection

  • Detects when a window is open while it is raining.
  • Devices Used:
    • Open/Close Sensors

Water Shutoff Valve Control

  • Allows remote shutoff of a water main in the home.
    • Water Shutoff Valves



Learn about Using Devicebook Water Safety.

Learn about Designing & Installing Devicebook Water Safety.

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