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Feature Summary

The Devicebook Air Safety Solution monitors a residence for signs of dangerous smoke or carbon monoxide, and alerts the resident and Responders if they are detected and not dismissed as a false alarm.

Core Features:

The Air Safety solution makes use of smart Smoke/CO Detectors, or Audible Alarm Detectors. See the optional features for more information.

Remote Monitoring and Alerts

  • When Devicebook detects smoke or carbon monoxide in the home, get notified via the Devicebook App. If not dismissed as a false alarm, Responders will be notified.


Optional Features

Note: In most cases, a room with one of these optional features will have both, since most consumer-grade popular devices that are Smoke Detectors are also CO Detectors.

Smoke Detection

  • Detects smoke in a location.

Carbon Monoxide Detection

  • Detects carbon monoxide in a location.


Learn about Using Devicebook Air Safety.

Learn about Designing & Installing Devicebook Air Safety.

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