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Feature Summary

The Devicebook Self-monitored security uses state of the art technology to monitor a residence for intruders. The homeowner and all of their trusted Responders are notified when an intruder is detected.

Core Features:

Remote Control and Monitoring

  • Arm or disarm your home from the Devicebook App.
    • While armed in "stay" mode, a window opening or glass breaking will trigger an intruder alert.
    • While armed in "away" mode, motion detected in the home will trigger an intruder alert, as will the triggers specified for "stay" mode.
    • While in "disarmed" mode, nothing will trigger an intruder alert.
  • When an intruder is detected, get notified via the Devicebook App. If not dismissed as a false alarm, Responders will be notified.
  • See current state of all sensors in the home from the Devicebook App.

Routines and Automation

  • Automatically arm or disarm your home on a schedule, or when you arrive at home or head out.
  • Arm your home with a remote control or keypad.

Voice Control

  • Control lights with Alexa


Optional Features

Each location in the home can have any combination of the following security features.

Motion Detection

  • Detect intruders by motion, when home is armed in away mode.
  • Devices Used:
    • Motion Sensors

Door/Window Monitoring 

  • Detect intruders by the unexpected opening/closing of a window or door, when home is armed.
  • Devices used:
    • Open/Close Sensors

Glassbreak Detection

  • Detect intruders by the sound of nearby window glass breaking when home is armed.
  • Devices Used:
    • Glassbreak Detectors


  • Ward off intruders and alert residents when an intruder is detected.
  • Devices Used
    • Sirens



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