Door Locks - Features

Feature Summary

The Devicebook Door Locks solution automates and controls all door locks in a residence. 

Core Features:

These features make use of smart Door Lock devices.

Remote Control and Monitoring

  • Lock or unlock doors from the Devicebook App.
  • Control individual locks or lock the entire home at once.
  • See current state of all smart door locks in the home from the Devicebook App.

User Unlock Codes

  • Set user codes on each lock to allow trusted individuals to unlock the door directly with a PIN code.
    • Securely Add, Modify or delete PIN codes at any time from the Devicebook App.

Routines and Automation

  • Automatically lock doors on a schedule, or when you head out of the home.
  • Lock doors with a remote control or keypad.

Voice Control

  • Control lights with Alexa


Optional Features

This smart home solution has no optional features. All features are standard.



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