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What is the Devicebook Hub?

The Devicebook Hub is a state-of-the art smart home hub. It is the heart of a Devicebook Smart Home. It can communicate with Z-Wave, Insteon, Wi-Fi, Ethernet and direct hard-wired smart home devices. 

What is a Home Controller?

A Home Controller is a personalized smart home app that's also the brain of a Devicebook Smart Home. There is always one Home Controller per Devicebook Smart Home. Home Controllers have a custom easy-to-use interface accessible via the Devicebook App for iOS or Android.

The Home Controller also helps to set up the Devicebook Hub and smart home devices.

I don't have a Home Controller, what do I do?

If you don't have a Home Controller yet, you should start by designing a smart home, and then using it to generate a Home Controller. Learn to do that here: Designing a Devicebook Smart Home for your Client

I don't have a Devicebook Hub. Where do I get one?

Email Devicebook:

Is there a digital PDF version of the Devicebook Quick Start Guide?

User Manual - Web.pdf


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