Using Devicebook Elder Care

Using Elder Care

The Devicebook Elder Care solution helps elderly loved ones stay healthy and active in their home. It also allows caretakers or relatives to keep in touch with and monitor a resident. If there's a potential emergency, Devicebook Elder Care will notify Responders.


Controlling and Monitoring Elder Care

Devicebook Elder Care can be controlled directly from the Devicebook App for a mobile phone or a Wall Pad.

Devicebook App

Image of Elder Care in Devicebook App

Using the Devicebook App, you can do all of the following:

- See and set up activity monitoring schedules

- See and set up medicine reminders

- Live stream from elder care cameras in the home.

- Dismiss alerts

- Customize other settings.

Wall Pad

Just as you would with your mobile phone's Devicebook App, you can control your home's elder care solution using any Wall Pad installed in your home.


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