Designing & Installing Devicebook Elder Care


This section is about designing Devicebook Elder Care for a smart home, and subsequently installing devices. 

To learn about using Devicebook Elder Care, see Using Devicebook Elder Care

Designing Elder Care

Elder Care has three main features, which you can mix and match as needed. Those features are listed below

Optional Feature Choices

When to use Activity Monitoring

Activity Monitoring uses Motion Sensors around the home to monitor the activity of a resident. If a resident is not active when expected, an alert is raised and responders may be notified that there could be a medical emergency.

This should be used in situations where the resident has a regular schedule, and there is a regular time of day when the resident is expected to be up around around, moving around the home.

When to use Medicine Cabinet Monitoring

Medicine Cabinet Monitoring uses an Open/Close Sensor to monitor when a medicine cabinet is opened. Specifically, when the medicine cabinet is opened, it dismisses any medication reminders. Medication reminders can be set up in the Devicebook App with or without this feature. When a medication reminder is not dismissed and the medicine cabinet is not opened within a certain amount of time, it is treated as a missed medication, and responders are notified.

This feature should be used in situations where the resident's medications are stored in a cabinet or drawer, and they have a regular schedule for taking their medications.

When to use Video Monitoring

Video Monitoring uses Cameras to monitor a home, so that loved ones or care takers can check in when needed.

This solution should be used in situations where it would be helpful for the resident's loved ones to keep visual tabs on the resident.

Device Choices

See the Device Selection Guide for more information about the different communication protocols and recommendations on specific device models. 

Installing Devicebook Elder Care

Install devices following the manufacturer's instructions. Many devices used in this solution are generally wireless, so take care to reduce the number of obstacles between the devices and the Devicebook Hub (or the nearest repeater, in the case of Z-Wave). Metal enclosures and objects in particular can significantly reduce wireless communication quality.

Setting Up Elder Care

Use House Check to set up all the devices in the home.

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