Using Devicebook Garage Doors

Using Garage Doors

The Devicebook Garage Doors Solution lets you control and automate your home's garage doors from anywhere.

Controlling Garage Doors

Devicebook Garage Doors can be controlled and monitored directly from the Devicebook App for a mobile phone or a Wall Pad.

Devicebook App

Image of Devicebook Garage Doors

You can see which garage doors are open, control them, and change Garage Doors notifications from the Devicebook App.

Control garage doors by tapping the Open or Close button for the appropriate garage door.

Change notification settings from the Settings tab.

Wall Pad

Just as you would with your mobile phone's Devicebook App, you can monitor your home's garage Doors using any Wall Pad in your home.


Devicebook Garage Doors has some automated actions that can be enabled or disabled. It also works with Routines, allowing you to create fully custom schedule-based automations.

Garage Door Notifications and Alerts

When a garage door is opened or closed -> send a notification.

When a garage door is open for too long -> send an alert notification.

Devicebook can automatically let you know if a garage door has been open for too long.

How to change garage door notification settings

1. Tap "Garage Door".

2. Tap "Settings".

3. Tap "Manage Notifications".

4. Scroll to find the Garage Door notifications section.

5. Find "Garage Door Opened/Closed"

6. Use the toggles to select how you want to be notified when your garage doors are opened or closed.

7. Find "Garage Door Open Alerts"

8. Use the toggles to select how you want to be notified when your garage doors are open for too long.

9. Use the 'Alert Time' Setting to choose how long Devicebook should wait before sending an alert.


Routines are custom automations that are triggered based on your schedule, time of day, sunrise/sunset, or even when you head out for the day or come back home. You can create routines that control each of your garage doors.

Learn to create routines here: Setting Up Automation.


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