Using Devicebook Surveillance

Using Surveillance

The Devicebook Surveillance Solution lets you remotely monitor your home with live video, from anywhere.


Controlling Surveillance

Devicebook Surveillance can be controlled and monitored directly from the Devicebook App for a mobile phone or a Wall Pad.

Devicebook App


Image of Devicebook Surveillance

You can see a live video feed from each camera in your home from the Devicebook App. You can adjust settings for auto-recording and privacy from the Settings page.

Change Auto-Recording Settings

How to change Auto-Recording settings

1. Tap "Surveillance"

2. Tap "Settings"

3. Find the "Motion Detection Auto-Recording" tile.

4. For each camera, use the toggle to enable or disable automatic recording when motion is detected.

Change Privacy Settings

Privacy Mode is a setting that essentially disables a camera completely. When a camera's Privacy Mode is enabled, it cannot be streamed from, and recordings will never be taken from it.

How to change Privacy Mode settings

1. Tap "Surveillance"

2. Tap "Settings"

3. Find the "Privacy Mode" tile.

4. For each camera, use the toggle to enable or disable privacy mode.

Wall Pad

Just as you would with your mobile phone's Devicebook App, you can monitor your home's cameras using any wall pad in your home.


Devicebook Surveillance has some automated actions that can be enabled or disabled.

Automatic Recording (Motion)

When Motion Is Detected -> Record on all cameras in the area.

Devicebook can automatically record from any of your Devicebook Home's Cameras (that are not in Privacy Mode) when motion is detected near them. See how to enable this feature in the "How to change Auto-Recording settings" section above.

Automatic Recording (Emergency)

When there is an emergency in the home -> Recording on all cameras in the home.

Devicebook will automatically record from all cameras in the home (that are not in Privacy Mode) when any of the following occurs in the home:

- Smoke/CO Detected (via Air Safety)

- Intruder Detected (via Security)

- Inactivity Alert (via Elder Care)

- SOS Button pressed


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