Using Devicebook Video Doorbell +

Using Video Doorbell +

The Devicebook Video Doorbell solution presents a suite of features involving the home's front door, from detecting visitors and enabling live communication with them, to detecting packages at the front door, and raising alerts if they may have been stolen.



Controlling and Monitoring Video Doorbell +

Devicebook Video Doorbell + can be controlled directly from the Devicebook App for a mobile phone or a Wall Pad.

Devicebook App


Image of Video Doorbell + in Devicebook App

You can use the Devicebook App to see if a visitor is at your door, see a live view of your doorstep or start a real-time conversation with a visitor at your door. You can also monitor the status of any optional sensors that have been installed at your front door.

You can adjust settings for Video Doorbell + in the Settings tab.

Wall Pad

Just as you would with your mobile phone's Devicebook App, you can monitor your home's front door using a Wall Pad.

A Wall Pad will verbally announce when someone is detected at your door, even if they don't ring the doorbell. This setting can be modified in the Video Doorbell notification settings.


Devicebook Video Doorbell comes with built-in automations that you can enable or disable, which are listed below.

Integration with Devicebook Lighting - Visitor Alert

When doorbell is rung -> flash selected inside the home.

Requires: Devicebook Lighting solution

This feature briefly flashes or animates some of the lights in your home when your doorbell is rung. This is helpful for situations where you can't hear the doorbell. You can select the specific lights in the home that should flash.

Enable this feature from the Video Doorbell + Settings Page:

How to enable Visual Alert for Video Doorbell +

1. Tap "Video Doorbell +"

2. Tap "Settings".

3. Scroll to find the Notify by Lighting tile.

4. Use the check boxes to enable lights that should flash or animate when the doorbell is rung.

The automation will be enabled immediately. You can try it out by ringing your home's doorbell.

Visitor Auto-Recording

When a visitor is detected -> record a video.

Enable Visitor Auto-Recording for any location in the home from the Video Doorbell + Settings. This feature is enabled by default.

How to enable or disable Visitor Auto-Recording

1. Tap "Video Doorbell +"

2. Tap "Settings"

3. Scroll to find the Visitor Auto-Recording setting.

4. Use the toggle switch to enable or disable the automation.


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