Using Devicebook Water Safety

Using Water Safety

The Devicebook Water Safety Solution monitors your home for signs of water leaks, and alerts you if they are detected. If you do not dismiss the issue as a false alarm, your emergency responders (see: About Responders) can be alerted as well.


Controlling and Monitoring Water Safety

Devicebook Water Safety can be controlled and monitored directly from the Devicebook App for a mobile phone or a Wall Pad.

Devicebook App


Image of Devicebook Water Safety

You can monitor the status of each water safety sensor in your home, and view more information about alerts, from the Devicebook App. You can also choose whether responders should be notified about water safety alerts, and customize the types notifications that Devicebook sends about water safety from the Settings page.

View Device Status

How to view Water Safety device status

1. Tap "Water Safety"

2. Scroll to find the appropriate device in the home. 

3. For each device, you will see whether it is connected or not. For leak sensors, you can see if the device has detected a leak. For window and door sensors, you can see if the windows or doors are open.

Change Water Safety Notification Settings

How to change Water Safety notification settings

1. Tap "Water Safety"

2. Tap "Settings"

3. Tap "Manage Notifications"

4. Scroll to find the Water Safety notifications

5. Use the toggle switches to choose whether you receive Voice (Wall-Pad) notifications. For safety reasons, you cannot disable Push or SMS notification settings.

Wall Pad

Just as you would with your mobile phone's Devicebook App, you can monitor your home's water safety sensors using any wall pad in your home.

Your home's Wall Pads will make verbal announcements when smoke or CO is detected in your home. You can adjust this setting by following the instructions above for "Change Water Safety Notification Settings".


Devicebook Water Safety is a standalone solution that does not have any built-in automations, and does not work with Routines. 


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