Using Devicebook Self-Monitored Security

Using Security

The Devicebook Self-monitored security uses state of the art technology to monitor a residence for intruders. The homeowner and all of their trusted Responders are notified when an intruder is detected.

Using the Devicebook App, the homeowner can monitor their home for motion, and see which doors and windows are open.

Devicebook Security works with Routines to arm or disarm the home on a schedule.


About Responders

Devicebook Self-monitored Security is designed to require no professional monitoring service. Instead, the owner of a Devicebook Smart Home chooses their trusted friends, family and neighbors to be their emergency Responders, who will be alerted in case Devicebook detects an emergency.

Learn how to set up Responders here: About Responders

Controlling and Monitoring Security

Devicebook Security can be controlled and monitored directly from the Devicebook App for a mobile phone, a Wall Pad, and by voice.

Devicebook App


Image of Security in Devicebook App

Arm State

From the Devicebook App, you can change the home's arm state between three modes:

Arm Away - Home is fully armed. If any motion is detected, or a door/window is opened, it is treated as an intruder alert. Broken glass will also trigger an intruder alert.

Arm Stay - Home is partially armed. Motion does not trigger an intruder alert, but a door/window opening does. Broken glass will also trigger an intruder alert.

Disarm - Home is disarmed. Nothing will trigger an intruder alert.

You can change arm state from the Devicebook App's Home page as well as the Security page.

Alerts and Notifications

You'll be alerted when Devicebook detects an intruder in your home.  You can also set up notifications when a door or window is opened, or when motion is detected in your home. Customize your alerts and notifications in the Devicebook App in Security > Settings > Manage Notifications.


From the Devicebook App, you can see which motion sensors around the home have detected motion recently, and which doors or windows are open.

Wall Pad

Just as you would with your mobile phone's Devicebook App, you can arm your home and monitor the security sensors in your home from a Wall Pad.

When your home is armed in Away mode, the Wall Pad will be disabled. The Wall Pad can be used to disarm the home if the appropriate PIN code is used. 

This PIN code can be specified in the Security Settings Page.


To control a Devicebook smart home by voice, link the smart home to Alexa. Then, try commands like this:

Alexa, arm my home in Stay mode.

You can find a full list of commands for your Devicebook Smart Home in the Devicebook App. After linking with Alexa, find the "What Can I Say" button in the Home page.


Devicebook Security works with Routines, allowing you to create fully custom schedule-based automations to arm or disarm your home.



Routines are custom automations to arm your home that are triggered based on your schedule, time of day, sunrise/sunset, or even when you head out for the day or come back home. 

Learn to create routines here: Setting Up Automation.


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