Using Devicebook Door Locks

Using Door Locks

The Devicebook Door Locks solution securely automates and controls door locks in a residence. Homeowners can set up routines to make sure their home is locked when they go out, or at a certain time of day. 

Door locks can have custom user codes that allow both residents and guests to access the home securely with a virtual key.


Controlling Door Locks

Devicebook Lighting can be controlled directly from the Devicebook App for a mobile phone, a Wall Pad, and by voice.

Devicebook App


Image of Door Locks in Devicebook App

You can manually lock or unlock each door lock in the home using the appropriate button, or lock all the doors with a single button.

You can also manage up to eight custom user codes for each door lock. Tap the User Codes button for any door lock to manage them. Each six-digit code has a name associated with it. When the code is used to unlock the door, you'll get notified of which code was used, by name. Each door lock has its own unique set of up to eight codes.

Wall Pad

Just as you would with your mobile phone's Devicebook App, you can control your home's door locks using any Wall Pad installed in your home.


To control a Devicebook smart home by voice, link the smart home to Alexa. Then, try commands like this:

Alexa, turn lock all the doors.

You can find a full list of commands for your Devicebook Smart Home in the Devicebook App. After linking with Alexa, find the "What Can I Say" button in the Home page.


Devicebook Door Locks works with Routines, allowing you to create fully custom schedule-based automations.


Routines are custom automations that are triggered based on your schedule, time of day, sunrise/sunset, or even when you head out for the day or come back home. You can create routines that can lock or unlock any door in the home.

Learn to create routines here: Setting Up Automation.


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