Designing and Installing Devicebook Door Locks


This section is about designing Devicebook Door Locks for a smart home, and subsequently installing devices. 

To learn about using Devicebook Door Locks, see Using Devicebook Door Locks

Designing Door Locks

The Door Locks smart home solution uses only one device type: Door Locks

Device Choices

The Devicebook Showroom supports a number of Door Lock devices. See the Device Selection Guide for more information about the different communication protocols and recommendations on specific device models. 

Installing Devicebook Door Locks

Install smart Door Locks following the manufacturer's instructions. All such devices are generally wireless, so take care to reduce the number of obstacles between the devices and the Devicebook Hub (or the nearest repeater, in the case of Z-Wave). Metal enclosures and objects in particular can significantly reduce wireless communication quality.

Door Locks tend to be installed furthest from the center of the home, where wireless signal from the Hub is usually weak. So, it is especially important to make sure that the communication path from a smart door lock to the Hub is clear of too many obstacles.

Setting Up & Testing Door Locks

Use House Check to set up all the devices in the home.

To verify that the Door Locks solution has been installed properly, use the Devicebook App to control each door lock in the home individually, and then lock all the locks in the home at once. Then, for each Door Lock, use the Devicebook App to add a custom user code, and make sure that the code works to unlock the door lock as expected. See the Using Door Locks article to learn more about using the Door Locks Solution.

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