Using Devicebook Appliances

Using Appliances

The Devicebook Appliances solution helps to automate and control small appliances in a residence. It can control fixture devices such as ceiling fans, as well as plug-in devices such as space heaters, pool pumps, and more.


Controlling Appliances

Devicebook Appliances can be controlled directly from the Devicebook App for a mobile phone, a Wall Pad, and by voice.

Devicebook App


Image of Appliances in Devicebook App.

You can manually control each device individually from the Devicebook App for iOS and Android. Tap the power button for a device to turn it on or off.

Enable the timer feature to make the device turn itself off automatically when it's been on for a given amount of time. E.g. turn off the bathroom fan automatically after it's been on for 20 minutes.

You can customize notifications and alerts from the settings page.

Wall Pad

Just as you would with your mobile phone's Devicebook App, you can control your home's appliances using any Wall Pad installed in your home.


To control a Devicebook smart home by voice, link the smart home to Alexa. Then, try commands like this:

Alexa, turn on <appliance name>

You can find a full list of commands for your Devicebook Smart Home in the Devicebook App. After linking with Alexa, find the "What Can I Say" button in the Home page.


Devicebook Appliances comes with some built-in automations and notifications that you can enable or disable, which are listed below. It also works with Routines, allowing you to create fully custom schedule-based automations.

Appliance Automatic Off

When the device is turned on -> turn off the device automatically after some time.

Enable Appliance Auto-off for any device from the Appliances Control Page:

How to enable Automatic Off for an appliance.

1. Tap "Appliances"

2. Scroll to find the appropriate appliance.

3. Choose the amount of time the device should stay on. Enter it into the text box. The default is 15 minutes.

4. Enable the feature by switching the toggle switch on.

Now, whenever the device is turned on, it will turn off automatically after the amount of time you specified.

Appliance Alerts

When the device is turned on -> send an alert notification when the device has been on for too long.

Enable Appliance Alerts for any appliance from the Notification Settings Page:

How to enable Appliance Alerts

1. Tap "Appliances"

2. Tap "Settings"

3. Tap "Manage Notifications"

4. Scroll to find the Appliances section.

5. Scroll to the "Appliance Alerts" section.

6. For each device, use the toggle switches to enable the types of alerts you want to receive. You can choose from Push, SMS, and Voice (via Wall Pad).

7. Customize the Alert Time for the device. You'll be alerted when the device has been on for this many minutes.



Routines are custom automations that are triggered based on your schedule, time of day, sunrise/sunset, or even when you head out for the day or come back home. You can create routines that control any combination of your appliances to turn them on or off.

Learn to create routines here: Setting Up Automation.


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