Designing & Installing Devicebook Window Shades


This section is about designing Devicebook Window Shades for a smart home, and subsequently installing devices. 

To learn about using Devicebook Window Shades, see Using Devicebook Window Shades

Designing Window Shades

The Devicebook Window Shades solution uses only one type of device: Window Shades.

The Window Shades solution is useful for all locations in a home that have windows. It is most efficient and useful for large windows, which usually take more effort to open or close manually. 

Device Choices

Generally, smart window shade devices are highly customizable in form factor and function, and Devicebook supports up to three dimensions of control for each device. You should start by picking a window shade device in Showroom, and finding the ways you can customize that device to fit the home. We recommend HunterDouglas PowerView window shades for responsiveness, reliability, and variety of customization.

You can learn more about choosing devices here: Device Selection Guide

Note: You'll almost certainly need to order these devices in advance, because each one will be made-to-order based on your specifications.

Installing Devicebook Window Shades

Install and calibrate Window Shades following the manufacturer's instructions. Wait until you set up devices using House Check to connect them to a network, as Devicebook requires devices to be set up in a particular way.

Setting Up & Testing Window Shades

Use House Check to set up all the devices in the home.

To verify that the window shades solution has been installed properly, use the Devicebook App to control each window shade in the home individually, each room, and then the entire home all at once. See the Using Window Shades article to learn more about using the Window Shades Solution.


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