House Check reports no candidate devices. How do I fix this?

In House Check, when you are trying to link a new device to the Home Controller, Devicebook will ask you to perform some steps to set up the device, so it can be discovered by the Home Controller.

When a potential device has been discovered, it will be reported as a 'candidate device'.

If you are trying to scan for a device, but it is not being reported as a candidate device, try the following:

1) Restart the setup flow

1. Press the Back button in the top-left corner of the Home Controller to exit the setup flow for the device. 

2. Tap the "Set Up" button again to try and link the device again

3. Follow the instructions on the page to set up the device.

2) Follow the device's Troubleshooting Instructions

1. Press the "Troubleshoot" button in the set up flow to view the setup troubleshooting instructions for the device.

2. Find and follow any device-specific instructions that may address your situation.

3) Reset the device to Factory Defaults

Note: Do not reset a Z-Wave device to Factory defaults. This will result in Z-Wave network problems. Instead, unpair the device from the Devicebook Hub, and then try to re-start the setup flow again.

1. Follow the device-specific instructions to reset it to factory defaults. These instructions can be found by tapping the "Troubleshoot" button in the set up flow. If they cannot be found there, find them in the device's user manual provided by the manufacturer.

2. Follow the steps above to Restart the setup flow.

4) Power Cycle the Devicebook Hub

1. Press the Back button in the top-left corner of the Home Controller to exit the setup flow for the device.

2. Unplug the Devicebook Hub from its power supply.

3. Wait for five seconds

4. Plug the Devicebook Hub back in to its power supply.

5. Wait for up to five minutes, for the Devicebook Hub to be listed as connected again in the Home Controller.

6. Start the setup flow by tapping the "Set Up" button on the tile for the device.


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