Installing, Setting Up & Linking Google Nest devices in a Devicebook Smart Home

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About Linking Google Nest to Devicebook

Google Nest Devices require communication with a third party cloud service to function properly. However, the Devicebook Hub's secure LAN prevents devices on its network from accessing the internet, to protect them from hackers and viruses.

Since Google Nest devices require internet access to function, they must be configured to connect directly to the home's Wi-Fi network, rather than to the Devicebook Hub's LAN.

In addition, linking a Google Nest device with a Devicebook Smart Home will require authentication with Google, in order to allow the Devicebook Smart Home to control and monitor the devices.

As such, there are a few extra steps required when designing, installing, and setting up a Devicebook Smart Home to work with Google Nest Devices.


When you add a Google Nest device to a Smart Home Design, Devicebook will walk you through adding Google Nest Cloud to the design as well. This just means that the Home Controller will need to link with the Google Nest Cloud to control one or more devices in the smart home.



Install Google Nest Devices around the home as you normally would, but do not set them up yet.


Set Up

0. If you haven't already, Set Up the Devicebook Hub using House Check.

1. Set Up Each Google Nest Device

Sign in to the Google Nest app on your mobile phone or tablet using a Google account. You should use the Google account that should have ownership of the device in Google's ecosystem (the homeowner's Google account).

Once signed in, follow the manufacturer's instructions to set up each device to connect to the home's Wi-Fi network, one by one.

2. Authenticate the Devicebook Home Controller with the Google Nest Cloud

In House Check, find the option to link the Home Controller to the Google Nest Cloud. 

Follow the instructions to authorize Devicebook to access the newly set-up devices. Once again, be sure to use the Google Account that has ownership of the device(s) in Google's ecosystem (the homeowner's Google account).

3. Link each device to the Devicebook Home Controller

One by one, find each device's tile in House Check, and link it to Devicebook by tapping its "Set Up" button, and following the instructions.


FAQ About Using Google Nest Devices with a Devicebook Smart Home

The home already has Google Nest Devices that are fully set up and linked to a Google Account. How do use them in a Devicebook Smart Home?

1. Make sure the design includes the intended Google Nest devices. Re-generate the Home Controller if necessary.

2. In the Home Controller, navigate to House Check > Google Nest Home > Set Up

Follow the instructions to authenticate Devicebook with the Google account that has ownership of the devices.

3. In the Home Controller, navigate to each device and set it up, using the "Set Up" button, one by one. Devicebook will walk you through linking each device.


The Google account's password was changed, and now the Nest devices are disconnected in Devicebook. How do I fix this?

When you change your Google Account's password, it revokes Devicebook's authorization to access your Google Nest devices. You will need to re-authorize Devicebook:

1. In the Home Controller, navigate to House Check > Google Nest Cloud

2. The Google Nest Cloud tile should indicate that there is a problem communicating with Google Nest Cloud.

3. Press "Fix" and follow the steps to authenticate again.


I am trying to set up a Google Nest device, but it is not appearing as a candidate in House Check. How do I fix this?

If a device does not appear as a candidate in house check, make sure that the device is owned by the Google Account that is linked to the Home Controller. 

If that did not resolve the issue, try the troubleshooting solutions here: House Check reports no candidate devices. How do I fix this?


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