How to Set Up Home/Away Assist

You can set up your smart home to automatically change your home's status to "Home" or "Away", using Home/Away Assist. When this occurs, any of your smart home's routines which trigger on a home status change to "Home" or "Away" will be triggered, respectively.


When Home/Away Assist is enabled on a Devicebook App, your smart home will automatically switch to "Away" mode when all mobile phones with Home/Away Assist enabled have left the vicinity of the home. The smart home will switch back to "Home" mode automatically when at least one mobile phone with Home/Away Assist enabled returns to the vicinity of the home, usually within a mile.


Setting Up Home Away Assist

1. In the Devicebook App for iOS and Android, navigate to "More."

2. Select "Home/Away" Assist.

3. Follow the instructions on the page to enable home/away assist. You will need to allow Devicebook to access your location to enable this feature.

Once you've done this, your home's Home Status will automatically change between "Home" and "Away" as descried above, triggering any routines that rely on these states.


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