Control your Devicebook Smart Home using Amazon Alexa

You can control your Devicebook Smart Home with your voice, using Amazon Alexa.


Link your Smart Home to Alexa

0. If you do not already have one, set up an Amazon Account with at least one Alexa-enabled device connected to it.


1. In the Devicebook App, find the Alexa tile.

2. Tap the Link Account Button

3. Follow the instructions on the page to link your smart home to Alexa.


Voice Commands

Once your smart home is linked to Alexa, you can control it by voice. E.g.

Alexa, turn on Living Room lights.

Alexa, arm my home in away mode.

Alexa, open all shades..

You can find a full list of voice commands for your smart home in your Devicebook App. Find the Alexa section of your smart home controller, and tap the "What Can I Say?" Button.


How to Unlink Alexa from Devicebook

Unlink Alexa and Devicebook using the Alexa App

1. Open the Alexa app on your iOS or Android device.

2. Find your Alexa Skills.

3. Find the Devicebook skill.

4. Disable the Devicebook skill.


My voice commands are not working, what can I do?

Make sure your Devicebook account is linked to the correct Amazon account. You must link to the Amazon account that is associated with the Amazon Echo/Alexa devices.


How can I check which Amazon account I have linked to Devicebook?

Use the Alexa App. Sign in to the Alexa app using one of your Amazon accounts, and check the list of skills to see if Devicebook is enabled.

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