Getting Started for Homeowners

Get Your Smart Home

If you don't yet have a Devicebook Smart Home, or you don't yet have the Devicebook App, read the expandable section below.

Get Your Smart Home


Get the Devicebook App

If you haven't already, get the Devicebook App for Android or iOS.

Smart Home Design & Set Up

Your Devicebook Smart Home will be designed, installed, and tested by a contractor you choose. If you are not yet working with a Devicebook Smart Home Contractor, you can find one here.

When the contractor is done installing and testing your smart home, it'll be time for you to create your Devicebook Account and take control of it.

Account Creation

When your smart home contractor transfers your new Devicebook Smart Home to you, you'll receive an email with a link to sign up for Devicebook. Tap that link in your email to choose a password for your Devicebook Account.

Take Control of your Smart Home

After you create your account using the link in your email from your contractor, you'll be prompted to take over your new Devicebook Smart Home. Accept the request, and you'll be in control.

Know Your Smart Home

Home Status


The Home Status Widget lets you see and control the current occupancy status of your home.

You can also notify your hand-picked responders that you need emergency assistance for any reason with the emergency SOS Button. 

Learn about emergency responders here: About Responders

Changing Home Status

When you change your home status, Routines (smart home automations) may be triggered.

Smart Home Solutions


This section shows you all of the smart home solutions installed in your home. Tap on any of the buttons to control, monitor, and configure that solution.

Learn about all of the Smart Home Solutions here.



Routines are custom automations for your Devicebook Smart Home. This link lets you view all routines, and set up new ones. Learn more about Routines here.



This shows your Alexa link status. Use the Link Account button to link your Smart Home to Alexa.

House Check


House Check is your tool for monitoring the health of your Smart Home and setting up devices.



This button takes you to the notification settings page, which lets you manage all notifications you get from your smart home.

Share Your Smart Home with your Household

Your Smart Home is controlled only by the account that was used to sign up for Devicebook. Share the credentials for that account with other members of your household.


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