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Review with Homeowner

When the homeowner gets control of their smart home, they might need your assistance getting started with it. You can walk them through it, and you can also point them to the Getting Started for Homeowners knowledge base article. 

The Home Controller makes it easy for the client to set up automations, routines, responders, and voice control, but you can choose to help them out with it, if necessary.

Fixing Issues

In some cases, the client may have issues with the features or devices in their smart home. If these issues require you to replace any devices, or change the smart home design, you can request access to their Home Controller again from Devicebook for Contractors, in the "Final Review and Initial Set Up" step.

Make any changes to the design as necessary, re-generate the Home Controller (all previously linked devices will stay linked, so you won't need to re-do that work), and then set up any new devices. Then, you can transfer the smart home back to the client.

Complete the Job

It's possible that your client may find issues with their smart home in the first few days or weeks of using their smart home. So long as the Job is still open in Devicebook for Contractors, you can follow the steps in "Fixing Issues" above to make any number of improvements to the Home Controller, and link new devices.

Once the homeowner is happy with their smart home, the Job is complete! You can indicate that the Job has concluded in Devicebook for Contractors by pressing the Complete Job button:



This will remove the Job from your active jobs list, and you'll no longer be able to work on the Job. You'll need to create a new Job in order to work on this client's home again.

Follow-up Changes

When you need to update your client's smart home again for any reason, you'll start a new Job in Devicebook for Contractors the same way you started the first job: by pressing the Add Job button in the Jobs page, and following the flow.

To learn more about upgrade jobs, see Modifying a Client's Existing Devicebook Smart Home

Export Job data

Use the "Records" page to export completed job records into a CSV-formatted file which can be imported into QuickBooks.

  1. Go to the "Records" page.
  2. Select "Export" and select "Completed Jobs".
  3. Save the CSV file to your computer.

Tip: A job that has been exported once will be automatically excluded from future exports by default. This is to help you avoid accidentally creating duplicate records in your accounting system. If there is a need to re-export a record, tap on "Export" and select "Export completed jobs by date range". Records older than 30 days will be automatically archived. Archived job records are always accessible from the client record. 


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