Transfer Home Controller to Client

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Transferring the Home Controller

Up until now, the Home Controller has existed in your account, which means only you have been able to use it. When you're ready to hand over the reins to the client, you should transfer the Home Controller to the client's Devicebook account.


In Devicebook for Contractors, advance to the "Transfer Home Controller to Client" step, and then press the "Transfer to Client" button. Devicebook will ask you to confirm the user's email address. This is important, because it is the email address that will be used for the homeowner's new Devicebook account.

When you send the transfer request, the homeowner will be invited to download the Devicebook app for iOS or Android, create an account, and then take over their smart home!

Note that once the client has accepted this request and taken control of their Devicebook Smart Home, you'll no longer be able to access it in your Devicebook App, unless you request access from them again.


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