Smart Home Job Overview

Before You Start

Make sure that your smart home contracting business is already set up in Devicebook for Contractors by following the steps in the previous article: Get Started with Devicebook for Contractors.


A job to install a new smart home for a client involves the following steps.



1. Design: Collect requirements from your client & create a design for their new smart home.

Meet with your client. Gather their requirements: what features do they want, and where? Which device models do they want to use to implement these features?
Once you've collected requirements, you can create a full smart home design in Devicebook for Contractors. The Job Walkthrough video below goes into detail about how to create a design.

2. Generate the Home Controller

Once you have a design that your customer has approved, you can generate the Home Controller with the click of a button.
Screenshot of the Generate Home Controller Step in a Smart Home Job
Devicebook will take your smart home design, and automatically turn it into a unique smart home app called a Home Controller, which will be the brain of your client's new smart home. Once generated, the Home Controller is accessible from the Devicebook App for iOS or Android.

3. Install & Set Up smart home devices

Meet with the client again for an installation and setup appointment. You'll install all the required devices around the client's home, as per your design. You'll also install the Devicebook Hub.
Then, you'll use House Check, a tool in the Home Controller, to link the Devicebook Hub and each device to the Home Controller.
Once all devices are set up, the smart home is ready for the client to use.

4. Transfer Home Controller to Client

When you're ready, you can transfer control of the smart home to your client. They'll be invited to download the Devicebook app for iOS or Android, create an account, and then take over their smart home!

Job Walkthrough - Video

This video goes over an entire smart home Job, from requirements to transfer of the smart home to the client.


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