Starting a New Smart Home Job

Hint: You can skip the articles, and learn how to start and complete a smart home job with this video overview of an example Job

Start a new Job

1. Visit the My Jobs page in Devicebook for Contractors



2. Press the button to start a new job



3. Go through the flow in the dialog to either search for an existing client, or create a new job with a new client. If you create a new client, you'll be asked to enter some details about the client, such as their contact information, and their property address.



4. You'll be asked which team member should be assigned to the job, and to enter any notes you have about the job already.

Only the team member assigned to a job will see it in their My Jobs page, and can work on it. Managers can always reassign Jobs between team members (and themselves) from the Team page.

If this is your first job, assign the job to yourself, so you can work on it.

5. You'll be asked if you want to schedule an appointment to meet with the client. This step is optional. You can skip it by pressing the skip button in the dialog.

6. To start working on your new Job, tap on it the My Jobs page, to view the details for that Job.

Note: if you assigned the Job to a team member other than yourself, you will not see the Job here, since it's assigned to someone else. Managers can reassign jobs between team members from the Team page.

When you select a job, you'll see it's detailed view. The important parts of the detail page are explained in the diagram below.


1. Workflow

This section lists all the steps necessary to complete this job, and shows you which step you're currently on.

2. Current Step Instructions

This area explains what needs to be done during this step, and when to proceed to the next step.

3. Create Design Button

This button creates a new design for this job.

4. Next Step Button

This button advances the job to the next step. You should press it when you're ready to proceed.


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