Get Started with Devicebook for Contractors

Get Started


1. Create an Account on Devicebook for Contractors

If you haven't already, visit to sign up your business for Devicebook for Contractors. It's free, simple, and takes only a few minutes.


2. Complete Business Setup on Devicebook for Contractors

Follow the link in your email to complete your account.

To make your business profile available to prospective customers, provide basic information by following the steps below.


  1. Tap on "Company Info" in the navigation bar.
  2. Enter or update:
    • Company Name
    • Company Address
    • Company Phone Number
    • Company Email
  3. Update your company's Service Cities and Public Profile as needed by tapping on the appropriate tabs.

3. Set Up My Showroom & Update your Price Book


Before you can work on smart home jobs, you need to choose the smart home solutions and devices that your company will offer to your clients, by setting up your company's My Showroom.

My Showroom is a listing of all the smart home solutions and devices your smart home company chooses to offer to your clients. You can use only these solutions and devices in your smart home designs.

Learn More about Showroom and My Showroom here.


Add a Smart Home Solution to your Company's Showroom

When you add a smart home solution to your company's My Showroom, you'll be able to use it in smart home designs for your clients. For each such solution, you will also need to make sure your company supports the appropriate devices.

E.g. if your company supports the Surveillance solution, your company must also support at least one model of Camera, and one model of Motion Sensor.

1. Visit the Showroom page in Devicebook for Contractors.

2. Find the solution you want to support.

3. Click "Add to My Showroom"

4. In the dialog, click the button to select required devices.

5. Devicebook will walk you through making sure your company supports at least one device model of each device type required by the smart home solution.

Note: You can always choose more devices for your company to support and offer to customers later, from the "Devices" tab in Showroom.


Setting up My Showroom - Video

This quick video goes over setting up your company's My Showroom and your company's Price Book, and gives you a sneak peak on working on Jobs. For more on Price Book, visit Manage and Update Price Book.


4. Start a Smart Home Job

You're ready to start smart home jobs for clients.

You can find an example job in Devicebook for Contractors, in the Jobs page, complete with a design and pre-generated Home Controller.

Learn about the Sample Job, Sample Design, and Sample Home Controller.


Learn how to start, work on, and finish a Smart Home Job with the article linked below.

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