Remote Tech Support

You can allow Devicebook to remotely access your account to help you complete smart home designs and set up Smart Homes.

Enable Remote Tech Support from Devicebook for Contractors.

0. If you haven't already, start a Live Chat support session with a Devicebook Support Agent using the Live Chat widget in the bottom right corner of any page in Devicebook for Contractors. You should only enable Remote Tech Support if the agent you are speaking with asks it of you.


1. Select the Arrow next to your name to open this menu:


2. Select 'Tech Support'. The Tech Support Dialog will appear:


3. Select 'Request Support'. This will allow Devicebook support agents to access your account to assist you in any task.


End Remote Tech Support

1. Navigate to the same place as when you enabled Remote Tech Support, by clicking the arrow next to your name in the left-hand-side navigation bar in Devicebook for Contractors:


2. Click Tech Support


3. Click the Stop Support Access button. Devicebook Support Agents will no longer have access to your Devicebook Account.


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