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From the smallest studios to the largest homes, it's important to choose devices and their locations throughout the home properly to make sure that the smart home functions optimally. Walls, metal objects, and other barriers can cause significant weakening of Wi-Fi signals, and even Z-Wave and Insteon mesh networks can benefit from careful planning of the distribution of devices in a home. 

On the other hand, hard-wired devices, and ethernet-connected devices provide robust communication and reliability, but may require new wire to be laid down.

About Selecting Device Models

All devices in the Devicebook Showroom are supported by the Devicebook Smart Home system. However, there are differences between devices which make some better than others for specific situations. 

Your contracting business needs to support only one model of device for each Device Type (used by your selected smart home solutions).

However, you may want to support more than one device model for each Device Type for various reasons. E.g. communication protocol of the device, outdoor vs indoor versions, or different load ratings for switches. You may also consider offering more selections, color, and style options to your customers.

Recommended Device Models

The easiest way to get started designing smart homes is to use the Recommended Device Set. It consists of device models recommended by Devicebook for their reliability and robustness. See the Recommended Device Set here: Recommended Device Set.

Design Your Own Device Set

The recommended device set is a good starting point. As your business grows and clients have more diverse requirements, you can include more devices from the Devicebook Showroom into your company's My Showroom. If devices you want to include are not available in Devicebook's Showroom, contact Devicebook by clicking the "Request Device" button here.

Communication Protocol Selection

It's important to select the right communication protocol for each device. See the Network Selection And Planning Guide for recommendations on device communication protocols. 

Device Type Information

The following sections describe information specific to each device type.


Choosing Cameras for a Devicebook Smart Home

Integrated Video Doorbell devices

Choosing Video Doorbells for a Devicebook Smart Home

Video Doorbell using Camera and Separate Sensors

Choosing Video Doorbells for a Devicebook Smart Home

Motion Sensors

Choosing Motion Sensors for a Devicebook Smart Home

Water Leak Sensors

Choosing Water Leak Sensors for a Devicebook Smart Home

Switches, Dimmers, Outlets and Plugs

Choosing Switches, Dimmers, Outlets, and Plugs for a Devicebook Smart Home


Choosing Thermostats for a Devicebook Smart Home

Smoke/CO Detection

Choosing Smoke/CO Detectors for a Devicebook Smart Home

Door Lock

Choosing Door Locks for a Devicebook Smart Home

Window Shade Controller

Choosing Window Shades for a Devicebook Smart Home

Glass Break Detector

Choosing Glass Break Detectors for a Devicebook Smart Home


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