Manage and Update Price Book

What is your Price Book?

Price Book is where you can set and track all pricing information for your smart home business. Here, you can set the prices you will charge customers for the devices you will sell and install. When you create a design for a job, these prices will be used to generate a quote you can send to the customer.


Global Price Book Settings

You can set your business-wide Hourly Labor Rate and standard Volume Discount here. The Hourly Labor Rate will be automatically factored into price calculations for all items in your Price Book. The Volume Discount can be applied to any devices in any particular design, allowing you to easily standardize discounts across your company. You'll still have the freedom to apply other discounts on each quote.


Price Book Items

This is a catalog of all of the devices, labor items, and accessories that your company can charge to users.


Setting up a Device in Price Book

To finish setting up a device you've added to Price Book, click "Set Up" and enter:

  • Product Code - Optional information. Can be used for cross referencing with your own accounting software.
  • Material Cost - the wholesale price of the device.
  • Mark-Up - the mark-up percentage to calculate the retail price from the whole-sale price.
  • Billing Time - the number of hours billed to customers for installation of this device. You can use partial hours.


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