What is Devicebook for Contractors?


Devicebook for Contractors is a professional tool for designing and installing custom smart homes.

Your customers will be able to control their entire smart home using the Devicebook App for iOS or Android.

The Devicebook for Contractors web app allows you to choose the smart home solutions you want to offer to clients, create unique smart home designs for each of your customers, and generate a custom Home Controller for each client's home.

Common Terms

The following terms are used throughout the Devicebook for Contractors app, and in this Knowledge Base.

Smart Home Solution

A Devicebook smart home solution is a package of smart home features which can be added to a smart home, such as Lighting, Heating & Cooling, or Security. You can see the full list of Devicebook Smart Home Solutions at www.devicebook.com.


Various smart home devices are installed throughout each Devicebook Smart Home in order to enable smart home features. For example, motion sensors installed in a room can detect when it's occupied, and a smart dimmer switch in the room allows Devicebook to turn on the lights automatically.

Devicebook supports a growing number of devices from a variety of smart home brands. All available devices are listed in the Devicebook Showroom in Devicebook for Contractors.

Smart Home Design

A design is a blueprint of the exact features and devices for a particular smart home. You create smart home designs in Devicebook for Contractors, and when you're ready, Devicebook will generate a custom Home Controller based on the design. 

Home Controller

A Home Controller is a personalized smart home app that's also the brain of a Devicebook Smart Home. There is always one Home Controller per Devicebook Smart Home. Home Controllers have a custom easy-to-use interface accessible via the Devicebook App for iOS or Android.

You can learn more about the features of a Home Controller here.



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