Reolink Setup, Help & Troubleshooting

Follow the steps below in order to set up any Reolink Camera to work with a Devicebook Smart Home. These steps assume that you have already added the camera to the design of the smart home and generated the Home Controller.


Physical Setup of Reolink Camera

1. Power on the Reolink camera using the power adapter.

2. Connect the Reolink camera to the Devicebook Hub's LAN network using an ethernet cable. You may need to use an Ethernet switch if you have multiple devices on the Hub's LAN network. You need to do this even if you plan to set up the device to use Wi-Fi to communicate.


Reolink App Setup

Set up the device in the Reolink App before you use it with Devicebook.

3. Turn off the Devicebook Hub's Firewall using House Check in the Devicebook App.

4. Download the Reolink App for your iOS or Android device.

5. Connect your iOS or Android device to the Devicebook Hub's WiFi network.

6. In the Reolink App, follow the steps to add the camera to the Reolink App. 
    Important: If the app asks you to set up the camera's Wi-Fi network, use the Devicebook Hub's Wi-Fi SSID and Password. Setting up Wi-Fi is not relevant if you intend to keep the device connected to the Hub via Ethernet.

7. Once the device has been added to the Wi-Fi network and is set up with the Reolink App, it will appear in the Reolink App's device list.


House Check

8. In the Devicebook App, use House Check to set up the Reolink Camera.

9. After House Check is complete, check to see if the device appears in House Check with a green dot

   a. If it has a green dot, and is connected without problems, you are done.

   b. If you see an orange dot with an alert about a necessary firmware upgrade, follow the steps below.


Firmware Upgrade

Note: Firmware upgrade for a Reolink Camera requires a desktop or laptop computer running OSX or Microsoft Windows.

10. If the camera is linked to Devicebook, unlink it from House Check by pressing its Reset button. You will link it again after the firmware upgrade is complete.

11. Make sure the Devicebook Hub's firewall is still turned off.

12. Make sure your iOS or Android device is still connected to the Devicebook Hub's Wi-Fi network.

13. Open the Reolink App. Find the camera in the devices list, and tap on its Gear icon.

14. Find the Camera's IP address, and note it down.

15. On a PC or Mac, connect to the Devicebook Hub's Wi-Fi network.

16. Follow the instructions below to upgrade the device's firmware to the latest version. Firmware upgrade usually takes around five minutes.

Firmware Upgrade Instructions:

17. Once firmware on the device has been upgraded, set it up again in House Check.

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